Retreat Spa

Retreat Spa offers comprehensive head to toe treatment in a modern tropical set-up. Our professional team focuses on exclusive treatments such as spa, sauna, and Jacuzzi.

Batik Gallery

Batik Gallery offers a high quality selection of clothings, using traditional Indonesian wax batik making methods. Our skilled batik craftsmen take great care in producing every piece of beautiful batik which are inspired uniquely by Yogyakarta’s authentic style.

Bakpia Jogja Istimewa

Never leave Yogyakarta before purchasing these local treats as a favourite snack for families and friends back at home. Bakpia Jogja Istimewa is made fresh daily and available in assortment of flavours.

Art Gallery

Yogyakarta is renowned as a centre of art and culture. Our Art Gallery exhibits and promotes the works of Yogyakarta’s finest artists.