BCA Klikpay Terms and Conditions

The following are the policies and practices conducted by PT Bank Central AsiaTbk ( “BCA”) to show BCA commitment in maintaining and preserving the privacy and security of you when you visit the BCA website KlikPay.

Privacy Policy
BCA will keep confidential all information transaction that you make at the BCA website KlikPay accordance with the legal provisions in force in Indonesia as well as internal policies BCA

BCA will track the merchant site where the user connection comes to the needs of the investigation.

Access to the BCA website KlikPay can only be done through the merchant sites that have cooperated with the Bank or through the site owned by BCA.

As long as you log into the site KlikPay BCA, BCA will use a cookie that will expire when you log out.

All information on transactions in the BCA website KlikPay you do will be recorded and kept confidential in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia and BCA internal policies.


system Security
BCA uses three (3) layer security systems to protect access and transactions in the BCA website KlikPay namely:
Secure Socket Layer ( “SSL”)
SSL is a security technology that ‘scrambles’ lines of communication between computers that can not be read by others.
Code One Time Password (OTP) generated by the system BCA
The code OTP is a password generated by a security technology that always generates a different password each time the safety appliance is used.

Since there are many types of internet browser, it is difficult to provide internet banking that follows the security of each browser. BCA currently only provides internet banking facility that is more suitable accessed using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or later. BCA apologize for this inconvenience.

BCA Communications Protection KlikPay

BCA uses technology EV SSL 2048 bit encryption to protect communications between your computer and the server you are accessing BCA BCA KlikPay.

To ensure the protection of communication during the BCA KlikPay you access, you can do the following things:

  • Check the SSL certificate on a regular basis to ensure that you receive a valid SSL certificate registered for https://klikpay.klikbca.com.
  • If you receive a message explaining that the certificate is not valid, it is advisable to discontinue access to the BCA website KlikPay.

Ensure that your browser shows:

  • lock / key image indicating that the page you access when encrypted using SSL. If you do not see a picture of a lock / key, it is advisable to discontinue access to the BCA website KlikPay and make sure the address is correct KlikPay BCA website.
  • The address bar green (when using the latest version of the browser that is compatible with EV SSL). If the address bar is red it is advisable not to proceed access to BCA website KlikPay.
  • Make sure that you have typed the correct address of https://klikpay.klikbca.com or through a link on the BCA KlikPay www.klikbca.com or through the merchant’s site who have cooperated with BCA.
  • Make sure that you have logged out when you leave your computer even if only for a moment.
    We recommend that you do not access the BCA website KlikPay from an Internet cafe or tissue insufficient security.

Access Protection BCA Website KlikPay

You must enter your email address and password before you can access to the BCA website KlikPay.

To ensure protection of your access to KlikPay BCA website, please do the following:

  • Maintain the confidentiality of your password. Do not tell your password to others, do not input the email address along with the password on any site other than the BCA website KlikPay and do not agree to keep your email address and password in your browser cache.
  • Do not tell your password or partial password to others, even if the person is admitted as a BCA employees. BCA will never ask for your password.
  • Replace your password periodically on the BCA website KlikPay on the Administration menu-Change Password, or if you are not sure about the confidentiality of your password. Do not use easily guessable passwords like: 111111, 222222, 123456, 654321, AAAAAA, BBBBBB, date of birth, car number, address and others. Do not write down your password in a place where others can read it.
  • Use Password BCA KlikPay different passwords you use to access other sites.

Code OTP (One Time Password)

BCA requires you to use a transaction security code called code OTP is sent from the BCA system to the mobile phone (cell phone) you in the form of Short Message Service (SMS). The code OTP is used for authentication on each of online shopping transactions and other transactions as a sign of your approval of the transactions.

You must enter the OTP generated by BCA system if you do online shopping payment transaction or if the transaction such as: inquiry BCA KlikPay My profile (replace password, add / remove payment types, transaction history) and forgot password.

Transactions can be carried out without using code OTP is a transaction on the Administration menu and Help.

To ensure protection of your OTP code, please do the following:

  • Do not lend your phone to someone else.
  • Keep the code secret and do not tell your OTP OTP code to others.
  • Do not tell the OTP code or part of your OTP code to others, even if the person is admitted as a BCA employees. BCA will never question your OTP code.
  • Contact Halo BCA if you lose your phone to block your payment type. You will be guided by Official Halo BCA to reactivate your payment type.
  • How to use OTP code can be found in the instructions contained on the BCA website KlikPay in www.klikbca.com/klikpay.

Email and Protection of Transaction Information

You are required to provide your email address to the BCA. BCA will use your email address to send information on online shopping transactions you have done through the BCA KlikPay and some other transactions, among others, when the first log, the addition / subtraction type of payment. Additionally you agree that the Bank may also use your email address for promotional purposes, gathering invitation and submission of other information.

To ensure protection of information delivery to your e-mail address, please do the following:
Give the BCA personal e-mail addresses are incorrect. Do not use a false e-mail address.
Close BCA KlikPay you if you change your e-mail address.
If you contact the Bank by e-mail, please send your account information that is confidential or sensitive, including the activation code, PIN and the OTP you.

BCA website KlikPay

In the BCA website KlikPay, BCA may provide a URL link to other websites which are not controlled by the BCA. BCA is not responsible for the content and security of such other sites. If you access the site, please check the privacy and security policies intended site.
In case you access the BCA website KlikPay via URL link from merchant sites that have cooperated with the BCA, make sure the truth of the address that you access through a link that is https://klikpay.klikbca.com or BCA KlikPay on www.klikbca.com

BCA may change this Privacy Policy and Security at any time to suit the situation and the latest technology. You can always review the privacy policy BCA information and the latest in www.klikbca.com/klikpay or you can request it by sending an e-mail to halobca@bca.co.id.